Pops Pirate Club Third Mate

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Text on Button POPS PIRATE CLUB 3rd MATE
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Illustration of a black flag on a pole with a white skull and cross bones on it and black text underneath, white text along the top edge of the button all on a teal background.

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GREENDUCK CO. CHICAGO PAT FEB 13 1917 union bugs

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Pops Pirate was a children's radio show which ran on CBS radio from June 27, 1932 to July 29, 1932. The show was sponsored by Wheat and Rice Puffs cereal. Buttons for Pops Pirate Club came in four ranks including Captain,1st, 2nd, and 3rd Mate.

Often early radio programs advertised ‘clubs’ as well as souvenirs which their listeners could obtain by sending in a proof of purchase, such as a boxtop, from the sponsor's product. Advertisers issued cards, buttons, badges, hats, magic rings and other items.

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