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Poth's Beer 1900 F.A. POTH & SONS. PHILA. PA.
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Illustration of an angel with a red dress and a cherub, with black text on blue banners, on a beige background.

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Made by The Whitehead & Hoag Co., Newark, N.J., USA. Patented  July 17, 1894; April 14, 1896; July 21, 1898

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The F.A. Poth Brewing Company, later renamed F.A. Poth & Sons, was established in 1865 by Frederick August Poth in Philadelphia, PA. The Poth Brewing Company is most well known for the brewery itself, as the building is featured in many architecture reviews. Since the former Poth Brewery's facade has some of the architectural details seen in many earlier U.S. lager breweries, it can still serve as a partial example of such architecture, much of which now only exists in pictures.

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