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Text on Button Press here for a punch on the nose!
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Bright yellow text with large red bubble text curved at the top above an illustration of a smiling boy with red hair in the center and small green text curved at the bottom.

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The image of the boy with nose upturned along with the words press here for a punch in the nose is a joke and play on words. To press the button with a finger would be to punch the cartoon image in the nose, however, touching the button of a stranger uninvited may invite them to physically want to punch someone in the nose.

Creative House Productions Inc. originated in 1964 and was a design and manufacturing company based in Chicago, Illinois. It was responsible for the creation of many promotional comic pins found in gumball machines and Cracker Jack boxes. Creative House eventually created the brand PinMart, which became the first website to sell lapel pins. PinMart eventually outgrew its parent company and bought Creative House in 2008.


PinMart. (2020). About us.

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