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The Pride of Pay ‘n Pak was a line of hydroplanes that competed in unlimited hydroplane racing. The Pride of Pay ‘n Pak emerged from the efforts of David Heerensperger. After Heerensperger started a new electrical and plumbing company in 1959, with backing from Stan Thurman, owner of the Pay ‘N Pak home improvement chain, he became sponsor of the Miss Spokane Hydroplane Racing Team in 1963 after responding to an ad. The boat’s name was changed to the Miss Eagle Electric and went on to finish third in 1963 Harrah’s Tahoe Regatta and fourth in 1964 Seattle Seafair Regatta. In 1969, the Pay ‘N Pak Stores, along with T & T Electric, and Heerensperger’s companies Eagle Electric and Buzzard Electric all merged into a new Pay N Pak Corporation. After the merger, Heerensperger managed the Pay ‘n Pak operations in Spokane, WA and the sponsorship of the hydroplane racing team. The Pride of Pay ‘n Pak was the first boat from the racing the team that featured an outrigger design. The Pride of Pay ‘n Pak was redesigned in the 1970s with dual Hemi automobile engines instead of conventional piston aircraft engines. The team won the points championship from 1973-1975 and sponsored the first winning turbine powered hydroplane from 1980 to 1983. The 1980 design of the U-25 Pay ‘N Pak crashed during the 3rd race of the season and was the last boat to carry the name Pride of Pay ‘n Pak.


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