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Puget Sound National Bank Santa

Puget Sound National Bank Santa Smileys Button Museum
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Puget Sound National Bank Santa button back Smileys Button Museum
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Red button with black smiley face with a white beard and hat. A ribbon is attached with text in silver ink.

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Puget Sound National Bank was founded in 1890 in Tacoma, Washington. The Puget Sound National Bank office building was the tallest building west of the Mississippi when completed in 1911.  The bank operated in the Puget Sound area of Washington state until merging with Key Bank in 1993.

When civil war cartoonist, Thomas Nast, published his first image of the iconic Santa Claus, he was elfish and wore green. Nast continued to draw the image of Santa Claus changing his coloring from tan to red until he settled on red with white fur and boots in the 1870s. The red and white Santa Claus image was given more popularity by Coca-Cola Company advertisements throughout the 20th century.


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