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Pump It Up! Reebok

Pump It Up! Reebok Advertising Button Museum
Text on Button: 
PUMP IT UP! Reebok®
Image Description: 

Indigo text and Reebok logo within basketball outline on a coral background.

Back Paper / Back Info: 

.90 [in permanent marker?]

Back Style: 
The Shape: 
The Size: 
Year / Decade Made: 
Additional Information: 

Reebok’s “The Pump” was a line of high-top basketball shoes released in 1989.  At the time of release, The Pump cost 150% more than other shoes of its kind.  The model quickly became popular in the 1990s.  The artist Gary Simmons immortalized the shoe in his 1991 piece titled “Pump It Up”, featuring bronzed Reebok sneakers on a plexiglass shelf.

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