Put Orange in Your OR

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Text on Button Put ORange in Your OR
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Two photographs of hands holding the advertised medical tool divide the button in half vertically. Orange and white lettering is on the top and bottom with an orange and white "+" sign in the middle overlaying the photographs.

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“Put Orange in your OR” was an advertisement slogan of CareFusion, a San Diego-based business that designed and manufactured devices for medical use. The slogan markets electric hair clippers and a skin preparation cream called ChloraPrep Hi-Lite Orange that the company once manufactured and sold to hospitals for use in pre-surgical hair removal. Hair removal is not frequently called for or practiced by surgery teams according to medical guidelines for infection prevention. However, hair is removed as part of medical treatment when the hair presents a physical barrier to surgery. Clippers are used for this rather than close-shaving razors that can break the skin and raise the risk of post-surgical infection.


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