Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee

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Black text on a white background appear at the top and bottom of the button. A black and white photograph of Queen Elizabeth II sits in the middle of the button, with a full color flag of England to the left of the image and a full color flag of the Royal Standard to the right of the image. Between this image and her name above is an illustration of a crown.

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Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and one of the longest-ruling in history, commemorated her Silver Jubilee in 1977. A jubilee is a large celebration to mark the event of 25 years or more in a particular role or field; the silver jubilee denotes a 25-year anniversary, ruby 40, gold 50, diamond 60, sapphire 65, and platinum 70. The celebrations started in February with church services honoring the coronation and the Queen celebrated quietly with her family. The Queen posed for a royal portrait to mark the occasion in February. Various events took place through the year with official celebrations that included the British public. On June 7th, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip took a carriage ride procession through London. The Queen toured the Commonwealth and many (current and former) British territories visiting the citizens who celebrated the last twenty-five years. The Queen and Prince Philip also joined members of the clergy celebrating Thanksgiving at St. Paul's Cathedral.
Many souvenir pieces were made to commemorate the anniversary including buttons, dishes, trays, tins, coins, and stamps. This event was portrayed on television in the Netflix series, The Crown.


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