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Rainbow Cat

Rainbow Cat Art Button Museum
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Rainbow Cat Art Button Museum
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Illustration of a cat laying on a rainbow with colors of the rainbow on the cat

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copyright A.M. ASSOC., INC P.O. BOX 187 NUTTING LAKE MA 01865

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"The Good Luck Rainbow Cat" is a product of A.M. Associates, Inc., a domestic profit corporation and sole proprietorship. The company is indicated to have produced other designs including "Good Luck Rainbow Fish," "Good Luck Rainbow Unicorn," and "Good Luck Rainbow Alligator." In addition to buttons, the company also produced other products including window decals, stickers, and lapel pins. The good luck motif is a cross-cultural belief that certain items will bring good luck in or chase bad luck away. The good luck rainbow has origins in the rainbow bridge of Norse mythology. The good luck cat, or maneki-neko—symbolized as the beckoning cat— comes from Japanese origin and was considered lucky because the cat is welcoming and greeting. The good luck fish, or dragon fish, is known in Chinese culture to bring luck from its appearance of red color and coin-like scales.


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