The Rambler Coat

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Text on Button THE Rambler COAT - "A BEAR FOR WEAR"
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In the center, black text appears over a white background. In the top third of the button, a white polar bear is shown on a blue background. In the bottom third, white text appears over a red background.

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Union bug is stamped on the back

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The Rambler was a men's topcoat (overcoat) manufactured in Chicago by Hart Schaffner & Marx. The company was founded in 1887, specializing in tailored menswear and is currently owned by America's largest suit maker, ABG-HMX Group. The company was one the largest suppliers of military uniforms during the First World War, and later produced the olive green U.S. Army Officer's Uniform worn during World War II. More recently, President Barack Obama has famously sported hometown HSM suits at both his presidential acceptance speech and 2009 inaugural address.


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