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In the summer of 1968, Chicago promoted, “Reach Out,” a summer program for youth. The event was evolved from the meetings of Mayor Daley’s summer program promotion committee with the intention of bringing the youths of Chicago a meaningful summer experience. The event was advertised with commercials starring Sammy Davis Jr. More than 70 public and private youth-serving agencies as well businesses, entertainers, sports personalities and others worked together as part of the event.

The event took part in the city’s civic center plaza and would host speeches, rock groups, air shows, theater troupes, airplane tours over the city. A mayor’s committee rounded up 20,000 jobs for youths aged 16 to 21. Dennis Church, public information officer for the Chicago Council on Youth Welfare, along with a committee of local youths composed a list of youth activities on a directory with youths working the phone. By calling 744-3211, any person would be able to find out what was going on.


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