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Read to Your Bunny

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Read to Your Bunny button back Cause Button Museum
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Take Twenty Read to Your Bunny
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Illustration of rabbit wearing a plaid bathrobe sitting in a green chair holding a red book with a smaller rabbit sitting on their lap.  Lamp on small table with two steaming cups.  Window in background with crescent moon and stars.  White text on blue background.

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Painting © 1993 Rosemary Wells Button Produced by Dial Books, a Division of Penguin USA

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"Read to Your Bunny" is a book written and illustrated by Rosemary Wells. This book encourages parents to read to their children for twenty minutes every day, which she considers the most important part of the day. Wells uses animals frequently in her writings in order to handle controversial and complicated topics in a way that children can understand. She is also well-known for her book series Max & Ruby, which is about two sibling bunnies and their everyday lives.

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