Reagan St. Patrick's Day 1981

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Illustration of Ronald Reagan wearing a bowler hat with a shamrock tucked in the hat band with green text on a white background.

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In 1981, Ronald Reagan addressed the country on March 16 to acknowledge and thank the contributions of Irish Americans.

"Nancy and I are delighted to wish a most happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone. It has been said that "the Irish, like the presence of God, are to be found everywhere.'' And that is certainly true. Even the Reagan family, with roots in Ballyporeen, County Tipperary, is rumored to have a home in Washington, D.C. In the name of every American, we gratefully honor the contributions of Irish Americans in every walk of life down through our nation's history. Just as St. Patrick brought the light of faith to Ireland, so Ireland, in turn, has given many gifted men and women to America. On this St. Patrick's Day, let us remember all our great Irish Americans. And let all sons and daughters of Erin keep green their Irish heritage, for their own sake and for the continued enrichment of American life."


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