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To the Rear March with Bunker

To the Rear March with Bunker Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
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To the Rear March with Bunker back Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Blue text on a white background with a red stripe across the center with white text and blue stars underneath

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copyright '72 T P Inc.

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Archie Bunker is the fictional character from the television show, All in the Family, a 1970s sitcom about Archie (Carroll O’Connor), his wife Judith ( Jean Stapleton), his daughter Gloria (Sally Struthers), and her husband Mike (Rob Reiner) living their everyday life. O’Connor portrayed Archie as a conservative, blue collar father reacting to the world changing around him. This show portrayed the older conservative generation and the younger, more liberal generation interacting together in a lighthearted fashion while presenting political content humorous enough for the audience to enjoy.

In 1972, All in the Family and its cast of characters were promoted with merchandise as a tie-in with the U.S. presidential election of that year. 


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