Reddy Kilowatt Your Electric Servant

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Created in 1926 by American inventor and marketer, Ashton B. Collins Sr., Reddy Kilowatt is a corporate mascot for power companies across the globe. Having a a torso and limbs made of lightning, a light bulb for a nose, and wall outlets for ears, Reddy was designed to represent electricity as a safe and necessary utility. Reddy made his first appearance in an advertisement for the Alabama Power Company (APC). At the time, Collins Sr. served with the company as their commercial manager. The character would go on to find rapid success. Not only did numerous power companies employ Reddy as their mascot, but the character would also be featured in coloring books, comics, and cartoons. Though Reddy has seen a definite decline in popularity as a mascot of electrical generation, the characters likeness in collectibles and memorabilia remains popular to collectors. 

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