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Repeat with Roosevelt

Repeat with Roosevelt Political Button Museum
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Repeat with Roosevelt button back Political Button Museum
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Light green background with large black text

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In the 1940 Presidential election, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was running for his third term in office against Republican nominee, Wendell WIllkie. Willkie, a lawyer and corporate executive, surprised many as the choice for his party's nomination due to his lack of experience in politics at the time. This button was used by Roosevelt supporters to address those concerns. While it was not traditional to seek a third term in office, Roosevelt used his extensive experience in politics as a reason why he should be re-elected. Roosevelt would go on to win the election, becoming the first and only President of the United States to have ever been elected three times.

Source: Pro FDR/ Anti-Willkie buttons. Legacy Americana: Historical, Cultural, and Political Memorabilia. Retreived from

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