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Restaurant Days

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United Way serving Tangipahoa - Restaurant Days
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In the center is dark purple text over a cartoon image of a plate, knife, and fork. Smaller dark purple text is above the plate image. United Way logo in multiple colors is below the plate image. Other areas of the background are shaded light purple.

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United Way serving Tangipahoa is a Regional Office of the United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area

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Tangipahoa parish is a county established in 1869 in southeastern Louisiana. The Native American name of the parish is from the two Choctaw words "tonche" meaning corn, and "pahoha" meaning cob; the literal translation is corncob. The estimated population within the Tangipahoa village, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, is 748 persons. The Tangipahoa United Way is located in the largest city in Tangipahoa parish: Hammond, Louisiana.

The United Way is an organization, established in 1887, that focuses on community-based projects which improve the quality of life and relationships of the people in an area. The organization is involved in forty-four countries and territories worldwide. A popular community program involves supporting local restaurants along with the United Way. The United Way will feature certain local restaurants during the program. During the period the restaurant is being featured, they will donate a portion of their earnings to support the United Way.


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