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Ringette Tournament

Ringette Tournament Sports Button Museum
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Ringette Tournament button back  Sports Button Museum
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4th Annual Invitational High School Ringette Tournamen
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Red text and red outline of a half leaf and figure on a white background

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Ringette is a traditionally woman's sport that was developed in Canada in 1963. It is a team sport comprising of up to 18 players, 6 of which may be on the ice at one time. The object is to score goals by passing a large rubber ring over the opposing team's goal line using a straight stick, similar to a hockey stick. In the 2013-2014 season there were 30,398 registered players in Canada, 703 were male. 

In 1976 the Invitational High School Ringette Tournament was founded and held in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. 

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