Robert Fripp Under Heavy Manners

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Robert Fripp is an English guitarist known mostly for his time in progressive rock band King Crimson - famous for the song "21st Century Schizoid Man". Fripp has played studio guitar for many popular rock musicians including David Bowie. Constantly, Fripp has been rated as one of the greatest guitarists of all time and has a line-up of solo albums himself.

In 1980 Fripp released a two sided album God Save the Queen/Under Heavy Manner that was met with little commercial success. The album heavily used what it known as Frippertronics - a technique that creates loops and layers to produce fuller sounds and complete songs. Eventually this technique would become adopted by 'one-man bands' who in real time record loops of music and build a full song live on stage. "Under Heavy Manners" was the title track for the B side of the album. The A side focused on Frippertronics to produces bassline beats while the B side used the technique to produce more of a dance-track. 

"God Save the Queen" as a song was re-released though the entire album was not. Most recently, Fripp released a collaborative album in 2012 with Theo Travis entitled Follow.

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