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During Jimmy Carter's successful 1976 campaign for president against incumbent Republican Gerald Ford, he received significant support from important figures in the world of rock music. Carter, a former state senator and governor of Georgia, was not well known at a national level and ran as a Washington outsider, aligning himself with reform and change. Support from popular rock musicians and others within the industry fed into that image.  

Rock performers and producers appreciated Carter's support for anti-piracy legislation as the governor of Georgia and were drawn to his "plain speech" and emphasis on change (Harris, 1975). Carter actively courted the rock community, attending concerts, dropping in on recording sessions, and notably hosting a breakfast for Bob Dylan, rock concert promoter Bill Graham, Capricorn Records founder Phil Walden, and others in Atlanta in 1974 (Harris, 1975). Of the impact of the support of the Allman brothers on his 1976 campaign, Carter said, "When the Allman brothers, back in 1976, adopted me and began to let the nation know that I was okay with them, most people said, 'Well if he's OK with the Allman Brothers then he must be qualified to be president'" (Wilkinson, 2016).

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