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Text on Button "The Unexpected Proposal" © Rockwell Society of America 1986
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Color reproduction of the Norman Rockwell painting "The Unexpected Proposal" fills the entire area. A narrow red and white band with black text covers a small portion of the lower part of the button. 

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The Unexpected Proposal is a painting by Norman Rockwell from 1932. In 1986, the painting was reproduced on a plate as the first in a series titled, “Rockwell Colonials: The Rarest Rockwells.” The plates were approved by the Norman Rockwell Family Trust and the Rockwell Society of America, and crafted by Knowles China.

In 1916 when he was just 22 years old, Norman Rockwell made his first painting for The Saturday Evening Post magazine. He continued to provide covers for them for 47 years, cementing a connection with the magazine. Other works for which Rockwell is known are the series Four Freedoms, Rosie The Riveter, and The Problem We All Live With, an icon of the Civil Rights Movement.


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