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Rocky Jones Space Ranger

Rocky Jones Space Ranger Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Rocky Jones Space Ranger back Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Rocky Jones Space Ranger Johnston Cookies
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Photograph of Rocky Jones with black text on a white banner on the top edge, white text on a black banner on the bottom edge, and black text on either side of the photograph, all on a bright blue background

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© S.R.E.

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Rocky Jones, Space Ranger was a science fiction television program for children.  It was the first such show to be recorded on film, rather than presented on live radio.  It began in 1954 and ran for a total of 39 episodes.  The program revolved around Rocky and his space patrolmen, who blasted off from Earth in search of evildoers on distant worlds.  It was heavily merchandised, and buttons, records, and watches were marketed to promote the series. Johnston Cookies was one of the sponsors.  The final episode aired on November 16, 1954, but the show experienced a resurgence of interest in 1992, when it was referenced in episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

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