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White text appears in a red circle. Around the circle, red text appears on a white background. An illustration of 3 tools appear above the red circle. 

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The L.S. Starrett Co. is an 144 year old, American tool manufacturer. Laroy Sunderland Starrett always had a knack for making tools and is credited with patenting over 100 inventions including a meat chopper, washing machine, butter working machine, and a combination square that contained a steel rule with a sliding head. 

In 1880, Starrett opened a shop in Athol, MA for the purposes of manufacturing his combination square. From there, he began manufacturing other tools and marketing his company to international agencies. As time passed, Starrett opened more manufacturing plants in the United States as well as in many countries around the world.

Events in history affected the success of the company throughout time. The Great Depression took a toll on the profits throughout the 1930s. However, wartime proved profitable for the toolmaking industry and Starrett profited greatly from WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Starrett also made its presence known in the nonmilitary markets, providing affordable hand operated tools during times when power machinery and automation were expensive. As of 2024, the company continues to provide relevant items to an ever changing market.

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