San Francisco I Was There

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Text on Button San Francisco I WAS THERE
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Lenticular button:


First image is of the Golden Gate Bridge with water crashing against rocks in the foreground and green rolling hills in the background.  


The second image is of people riding a trolly downhill toward the San Francisco Bay with houses on either side of the trolly tracks and sail boats and rolling hills in the background.


On both images red text reading "San Francisco" is at the top of the button and black text reading "I Was There" at the bottom.

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San Francisco, California

Made in Japan

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Presumably made by the city of San Francisco in the mid-to-late 20th ce. to bolster tourism and civic pride, this button most likely served as a keepsake for anyone who had the pleasure of visiting the idyllic city. In particular, the lenticular button features a typical view of San Francisco—from the glorious Golden Gate Bridge to the famed trolley cable car transportation system. 

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