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Illustration of Santa carrying a bag of toys with a pipe and a blue background

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Santa aka Santa Claus aka Kris Kringle aka Saint Nicholas aka Father Christmas is a kind old man of Western Christian culture who goes around the world giving well-behaved children gifts the night of Christmas Eve. Hailing from Santa Claus Village, located in the Arctic Circle and more specifically, Rovaniemi in Lapland Finland, Santa works in his toy shop with his wife, Mrs. Claus, and a team of elves and reindeer. Santa has been around for 100s of years and is so popular, he's been featured in songs, books, movies, comic strips, pictures, statues, Coke commercials, just about every incarnation one can think of. Santa is known to come down your chimney when delivering gifts but if you don't have a chimney don't fret! Santa will find a way to bring you gifts. 


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