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Santa's Guest Jefferson

Santa's Guest Jefferson Club Button Museum
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Santa's Guest Jefferson button back Club Button Museum
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SANTA'S GUEST Jefferson, N.H.
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Red text above and below an illustration of Santa Claus's head on a white background

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Santa's Village is a Christmas-themed amusement park in Jefferson, New Hampshire. Native to New Hampshire, Norm and Cecile Dubois wanted to create an attraction that brought people to the area of Jefferson. The Dubois family drove past a 16-acre piece of land and a young fawn jumped out. Their daughter asked Norm what the animal was and he replied, “One of Santa’s reindeer”. This child's inquiry inspired the Dubois family to purchase the property and open Santa’s Village.

Santa’s Village opened in 1953 for guests of all ages. Today, there are 23 rides, including 2 roller coasters, that have Christmas-themed names including “The Chimney Drop”, “The Little Drummer Boy”, and “Little Elf Flying School”.


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