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Save to Defend America

Save to Defend America Club Button Museum
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Save to Defend America button back Club Button Museum
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To help fund the Second World War, banks across the United States sold War Bonds to individuals who wanted to put their money behind the national cause. The money collected from these bonds was infused into the U.S. Treasury and went toward the American war effort during the 1940s. A record 85 million Americans financially pitched in by purchasing Defense or War Bonds and made contributions of over $185 billion. Of any nation, the United States proved most successful in its War Bond campaign and rode to victory on its large wave of support from the home front.

The War Finance Committee was in charge of selling and advertising the bonds. Rather than paying for advertising, the Committee opted to solicit space donations from newspapers and magazines. So much space was contributed that the Committee was able to save $250 million in advertising expenses while bringing awareness of the War Bonds campaign to more than 90% of Americans. Private companies and organizations also helped to advertise the bonds. The First Federal Savings and Loan Association—a nationwide commercial bank now simply referred to as First Federal Savings—helped advertise bonds by creating posters and pin-back buttons. These marketing materials urged Americans to help defend the nation by saving money to make financial contributions in the form of War Bond purchases.


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