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The Schlitz brewing company began in 1849 when August Krug began brewing beer in the basement of his restaurant. Krug, a German immigrant, had his restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1850 Krug hired a twenty-year old German immigrant named Joseph Schlitz to be the accountant for the restaurant and brewery. After Krug passed away in 1856 Schlitz renamed the brewery Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company.

The Schlitz Company has interesting ties to Chicago. The company sent thousands of barrels of beer to the city after the Chicago Fire of 1871. Furthermore, the slogan “The Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous” was introduced at the Columbian Exposition in 1893. The company became the largest brewery in the world in 1902, producing over 1 million barrels. Although the company had some rough patches during prohibition and World War II the company has continued to prosper. Schlitz, although owned by Pabst now, was extremely innovative as well. They were the first brewing company to introduce brown bottles, tall boys, and pop-top cans.

Kam's may refer to a local bar in the city of Champaign, IL. Popular with local college students, Kam's has been in business since 1931 and offers a variety of drinks and dancing. 


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