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Illustration of U.S. Great Seal eagle, a scale and globe-topped object on a blue background surrounded by a circle of white stars.  Outer border is white with black text.

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The Presidential Classroom, originally a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization, was founded in 1968 and accredited by the University of Virginia in order to invigorate civic responsibility by introducing high school students interested in public leadership and civic affairs to experience Democracy in Action. The program enrolled several thousands of high school students every year to attend one of 18 week-long conferences held in Washington, DC. Subjects included American government, public policy, science, art, law, history and international affairs. The program became affiliated with the Miller Center at the University of Virginia with the two organizations combining resources to create a new Presidential Classroom due to their shared mission in promoting nonpartisan civic education. The Miller Center launched a Presidential Classroom website in 2012 to serve as an online resource to teach students about the U.S. presidency and government. The site includes access to features such as exhibits, lesson plans, and audio and transcripts of secret White House tapes recorded by prior U.S. Presidents. The site also has access to Miller Center resources such as expert essays, a comprehensive presidential speech archive, oral-history interviews conducted by scholars, and videos discussing policy making and current events.


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