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Self Respect

Self Respect Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Self Respect Ice Breakers Button Museum
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self respect starts in your head
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Outlined profile of a bald head amidst black text over green background. 

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The concept of "self-respect", which is defined as the pride and confidence one has in their own self, has been the subject of many philosophical and psychological movements over the last few centuries - perhaps starting with the writings of the 18th century Enlightenment thinker, David Hume, who wrote A Treatise of Human Nature in 1749. The profile of the bald human head seen here harkens to images used to promote the popular 19th century pseudoscience, "phrenology", which deemed that the measurements of the human skull could be used to determine an individual's inherent mental traits. This "phrenological" image used in tangent with the phrase "self respect starts in your head" may simply be promoting the positive message that one should always remember that they are in charge of their own self-respect.


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