Seniors Do It Better

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Text on Button Seniors DO IT BETTER
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Yellow text with white text over a black bar over red background. 

Curl Text 1983 BUTTON-UP CO. P.O. BOX 20275 FERNDALE MICH. 48220
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The “___ do it better” slogan has existed since at least the height of its popularity in the 1970s, and has been customized for countless identifiers, like professions, hobbies, physical traits, and nationalities. Famously, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin wore a shirt onstage in 1977 that read “Nurses Do It Better!” in honor of his then-wife Maureen, who was a nurse. Legend has it, someone in the crowd threw the shirt to him during the performance, and after reading it aloud he laughed saying, “I know!”


Led Zeppelin News. (2018, May 27). Robert Plant is selling an official ‘Nurses Do It Better’ T-shirt through his website.…

Reporter_at_large. (2018, January 26). Robert Plant & Led Zeppelin... Oakland Coliseum July 1977... Plant caught this shirt when a fan threw it and shouted out 'Nurses do it better!' Robert Plant laughed and said 'I know' . His wife Maureen was a qualified nurse. [Online forum post]. Reddit.…

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