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Illustration of an arm shooting a bow and arrow and a head wearing a feathered headdress and yellow stars on a white background with green and yellow outer rings and green text

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Lane Technical College Prep High School located in Chicago, Illinois, was founded in 1908. Lane Tech is one of nine selective enrollment schools, requiring all applicants to pass entrance exams before attending the school. The campus has an enrollment of just over 4,000 students, grades 7-12. Lane Tech's colors are green and gold, and their mascot is the Indians (which has been much debated in recent years, but still remains unchanged).

Shoot for the Stars is most likely a reference to a statue located on Lane Tech’s campus. The statue, “Shooting the Stars”, is of the school’s mascot pointing a bow and arrow upward toward the sky. The statue was created to honor Lane Tech students who died fighting in World War II. It is also most likely referring to the school’s many honor and awards in both academics and athletics, encouraging students to “shoot for the stars”.

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