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Skate-A-Thon American Cancer Society

Skate-A-Thon American Cancer Society Event Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Skate-A-Thon American Cancer Society back Event Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Orange rollerskate and lightning bolts with black text on orange band. Black text on white background.

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The American Society for the Control of Cancer (ASCC) was founded in 1913 in New York City, setting about to raise public awareness about cancer, which was heavily steeped in fear and denial by the general public. In 1945, the organization reorganized as the American Cancer Society, with fundraising efforts used to establish the Society’s research program. Since then, society-funded researchers have contributed to nearly every major cancer breakthrough since the start of the research program. Fundraising continues to remain an important part of the Society’s efforts to raise funds and awareness to save lives from cancer taking part in the form of bike events, walk/run events, skate-a-thons, and the annual Relay for Life.


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