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Skippy Skinner S.S.S.S

Skippy Skinner S.S.S.S Humorous Button Museum
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Skippy Skinner S.S.S.S button back Humorous Button Museum
Skippy Skinner Life Magazine
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S.S.S.S 1932© P.L. Crosby
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An illustration of Skinny Skipper (a blonde hair boy) waving on a white background. The border of the image and background is blue. 

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Skippy Skinner was a comic strip character that was created in 1923 by the cartoonist Percy L. Crosby. The cartoon became a regular feature in “Life” magazine throughout the 1920s and 1930s. The popularity of the cartoon saw that it was converted into a comic strip and was syndicated by King Features Syndicates. The comic strips consisted of Skippy trying to evade the rules of his father, who was a doctor and health inspector. Skippy appeared in his own comic book of cartoons as well as a radio show and was adapted into two Paramount Pictures in the early 1930s. Crosby had an ongoing legal battle with Rosefield Packing Company, who had used Skippy to promote and advertise their peanut butter, of the same name. The use of Skippy by Rosefield had not been authorized by Crosby. As a result of brands being sold Skippy is now owned by Best Foods, Inc. and continues to be the name of their peanut butter. 

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