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Slurpee Moon Shine

Slurpee Moon Shine Advertising Button Museum
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Slurpee Moon Shine button back Advertising Button Museum
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Bubbled text on a green background. The top letters are black and wave across the top of the button, and the product name is rounded into a circular shape. The product text is yellow with a black border.

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Slurpees were first introduced in 1967 when 7-Eleven stores licensed the name and product with The Icee Company. Slushed ice drinks were invented accidentally when Omar Knedlik, in the late 1950s, had a soda machine that broke down. Omar put his soda into the freezer to keep it cold and the beverages became slushy. So many people enjoyed the slushed soda that Omar created a machine that could intentionally make slushy drinks. The machine was initially located behind the counter of stores, but now customers can serve themselves with individual spouts for each flavor. New Slurpee flavors are introduced on a regular basis, but with much less frequency than in the 1970s.

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