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Smile and Say Mamiya

Smile and Say Mamiya Smileys Button Museum
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Smile and Say Mamiya button back Smileys Button Museum
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Smile and Say Mamiya
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A green background with dark blue text at the top of the image. At the bottom is a Mamiya EZ Quartz camera with a smiley face on the lens.

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Mamiya Digital Imaging Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company founded in 1940 by camera designer Seiichi Mamiya and financial backer Tsunejiro Sugawara. Mamiya's headquarters are located in Tokyo, and the company employs over 200 people. Mamiya's last 35mm cameras produced were the Z-series cameras, including the Mamiya ZE, which was introduced in July, 1980. It was sometimes called the ZE Quartz because of its quartz-controlled focal-plane metal shutter. "Smile and say Mamiya" is a play on the saying, "Smile and say cheese", often used by people taking a picture of people. 

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