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Smile You're On Candid Button

Smile You're On Candid Button
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Smile You're On Candid Button button back Self Referential
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Smile You're on Candid Button
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Black text on yellow background

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Candid Camera was a television show from 1948 to the 1970s, and has been revived several times since then. It first began as The Candid Microphone on radio before coming to television. The show was all about practical jokes and getting people to do things on hidden camera before letting them in on the joke. Hosted by Allen Funt, he and many other celebrities would be placed in funny situations and would play a joke on that person. No one was immune to the practical joke.  At the end of each joke, the person would be told “Smile , You’re on Candid Camera. “ And they would point toward the camera showing the person they were just on television.

This show has been revised many times over with other guests and host Peter Funt, son of Allen Funt and co-host Mayim Bialik. It was shown on every broadcast channel plus several cable channels. It has a large following on the web, and full episodes can be watched online.

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