Snappy Sammy Smoot

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Illustration of a character on a yellow background and with a smiley face on their scarf with an outer white background

Curl Text © 1971 SKIP WILLIAMSON
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Snappy Sammy Smoot is an underground comix character created by Skim Williamson. He first appeared in Bijou Funnies in 1968 and was featured in almost every issue until 1972. He is intended to be a comic version of Candide and refuses to lose his innocence and optimistic view of the world. Like many titles in the underground comix genre, Sammy Smoot's adventures are meant to be a satirical view of sociopolitical issues of the time. His last appearance was in a Fantagraphics anthology in 1996, but all his stories have been collected and released in multiple stand alone and anthology collections. 

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