Snoopy Sniffs Aeroplane Glue

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The Peanuts comic strip featuring Charlie Brown and found in newspapers around the world has its own dedicated fan base. There is often contention within fan groups and one argument with Peanuts fans centers on Charlie Brown’s dog, Snoopy. Snoopy had been in the comic strips since the beginning, but eventually evolved to be more than just a simple dog, developing a personality of his own. By 1966, Snoopy was starting to develop into a central character, away from the lives of the Peanut gang. 

For many fans, Snoopy became a fan favorite and is seen as keeping the Peanut franchise alive, amid declining popularity. On the other side, some fans blamed Snoopy for the decline in the comic’s quality. Often large amounts of panels would be dedicated to Snoopy alone. He could take up over a third of a strip's story and took away attention from the other characters. This dislike has led to several counter-culture Snoopy jokes, one such being that the character sniffs his iconic airplane’s glue.


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