The Snorks

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Illustraiton of a a tree with an owl in it over a green creature in a red tent on a yellow ground with blue sky

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The Snorks was an American-Belgian animated television series that aired from 1984-1989, about small, colorful creatures called “Snorks” that live in an undersea world called “Snorkland”. Unable to speak, green-skinned, good-natured Snork Tooter Shelby was known for making tooting and beeping noises with his head snorkel, a special talent that allowed him to talk with various sea creatures and communicate with his Snork friends.

Belgian businessman Freddy Monnickendam, head of SEPP, created The Snorks to compete with popular children’s television series The Smurfs. Monnickendam, an executive producer for The Smurfs cartoon, decided to develop his own animated show after a legal split with Smurfs’ creator Peyo. Although The Snorks ran for four seasons, Monnickendam was never able to recreate the success that he had had with The Smurfs.

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