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Sock It To Em Bulldogs

Sock It To Em Bulldogs Sports Button Museum
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Sock It To Em Bulldogs button back Sports Button Museum
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White text on a blue background with an illustration of two people playing basketball

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Samford University, formerly Howard College until 1965 is apart of the Southern Conference and is recognized as a division one school by the NCAA. During the school's formative years, their sports program was dominated and led by their basketball program. This is especially true during World War II when basketball was Howard's only intercollegiate sport. Their athletic teams are known as the Samford Bulldogs and the phase "sock it to em bulldogs" has long been a rallying cry used by their fans during games. 


Flynt, S. (2001). Gift of war and peace. In 160 Years of Samford University: For god, for learning, forever. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing.

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