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Text on Button "Life is a hard battle anyway, and if we laugh and sing a little as we fight the good fight of freedom, it makes it all go easier." Sojourner Truth 1797-1883
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Sojourner Truth, born in New York in 1797, was an abolitionist, orator, and activist who based many of her endeavors on first-hand experience as a former slave. The abuse and injustice Truth experienced during her years in slavery inspired her to flee in 1827. She and her daughter sought safety in an abolitionist family named the Van Wageners who ultimately bought her freedom. Following her newfound freedom, Truth began preaching as a minister in New York City and later took to traveling, spreading the Gospel and meeting other famous abolitionists such as William Lloyd Garrison. In 1850, her autobiography, The Narrative of Sojourner Truth was published. Throughout the 1850s and during the Civil War, Truth continued to give anti-slavery talks around the country and was later honored with a White House invitation. 


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