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Solidarity Day Labor Stands United

Solidarity Day Labor Stands United Event Button Museum
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Solidarity Day Labor Stands United button back Event Button Museum
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The Solidarity Day march of September 19, 1981 was a major political rally that took place in Washington D.C in support of organized labor, and specifically in support of the 12,000 air traffic controllers who were fired for going on strike a month earlier. The strikers demanded increased wages and safer working conditions, but because they were federal employees, they were barred from striking. President Ronald Reagan threatened to fire them if they did not return to work and when they refused, the President fired all of them.

While the air traffic controllers were on strike, their union officials had visited other unions to garner support. This led to the march in Washington D.C. on September 19, 1981 in which almost half a million people showed up in support, earning the name Solidarity Day as it was a show of organized labor.


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