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Something's Afoot

Something's Afoot Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Something's Afoot back Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Something's Afoot
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Illustration of a silhouetted figure lying supine with a flower coming out of their chest.  Black text on a white background.

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Premiering at Alliance Theater in Atlanta in 1972, Something's Afoot is a satirical musical play spoofing the “whodunnit” nature of Agatha Christie murder mystery novels - specifically her classic detective novel And Then There Were None. Written by James McDonald, David Vos, and Robert Gerlach, the plot of the play revolves around a group of people including a “fussy” butler, a “saucy” maid, various family members, and the family doctor who are present at the estate of a wealthy lord named Dudley Rancour. The play begins with the visitors finding the lord murdered, after which more victims mysteriously follow and comical panic ensues.

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