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Illustration to make the white button look like a baseball with blue text and white plastic feet attached

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The Chicago White Sox are an American Major League baseball team. Originally founded as a minor league team in 1894, the Chicago White Sox were initially known as the Sioux City, Iowa Cornhuskers before moving to Chicago as a major league team. The team's final name change to the White Sox became official in 1904. The Chicago White Sox are also referred to as the “South Siders” in relation to their location to another Chicago baseball team, the Chicago Cubs.

The 1959 World Series featured the Chicago White Sox versus the Los Angeles Dodgers. Known as the “Go-Go Sox”, they were last in the American League in home runs but led in stolen bases and fielding percentage. During the 1959 season, they were sponsored by Standard Oil, which produced buttons with little white socks attached in support of the team. This series marked the first set of games ever played on the West coast and included the first game to exceed 90,000 fans in attendance. This was also the first game where neither team’s pitcher pitched a complete game. The Sox ultimately lost to the Dodgers in a 4-2 game series.


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