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Starrett Tools

Starrett Tools Advertising Button Museum
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Starrett Tools button back Advertising Button Museum
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An illustration of two clamps and a combination square cream in color. The text is cream and the background is red.

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THE WHITEHEAD & HOAG BUTTONS NEWARK, N.J. Parts of the paper are torn.

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Starrett Tools was founded in 1880, in Athol, Massachusetts, by Laroy S. Starrett after he invented the Combination Square (1877) and he needed a company to manufacture it. The company makes a line of precision measuring tools including micrometers, and calipers. The company also makes other tools including levels, electronic gages, and a variety of custom engineered products. In addition to their measurement tools, the company manufactures saws and power tools. Starrett Tools employs around 1800 people worldwide and their tools continue to be used by various manufactures and companies. Their products are synonymous with quality and the company continues to be successful and respected by its customers. Starrett also maintains a blog where people can go and read about products, new and old, with anecdotal information and videos.

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