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The Stegmaier Way

The Stegmaier Way Beer Button Museum
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The Stegmaier Way button back Beer Button Museum
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Red, blue and white text on a white background with red edges. Blue circle in the middle with two red stars on the right and left.

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(union bug) PHILA. BADGE CO. INC. PHILA, PA.

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Stegmaier Brewing Company began in 1857 as the Baer & Stagmaier Brewery in 1857. Charles Stegmaier and George Baer would eventually rename the company C. Stegmaier & Son in 1863 and Stegmaier Brewing Company in 1897. The beers produced by the company were renowned having won eight gold medals between 1910 and 1913. Post-prohibition, the brewery became one of the nation's leaders producing over half a million barrels in the 1940s. In the Throughout the 1960s Stegmaier began to lose popularity and eventually was bought by Lion Inc in the 1970s.

Lion Inc, otherwise known as the Lion Brewery still produces Stegmaier beers. Of the Stegmaier brand, Lion still produces Stegmaier Gold, Amber Lager, Midsummer White, Oktoberfest, Holiday Warmer, an IPA, and a Porter. 

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