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The Stereophile started as one of the first underground audio magazines in 1962. It was founded by J. Gordon Holt who started the magazine after growing tired of pandering to the demands by advertisers. The Stereophile was started as an answer to audiophiles' need for an honest, reliable information. The magazine reviewed audio components by listening to them, a strange concept in those days. The first issue featured 20 pages free from advertising, a review of the Weathers cartridge, and an article by “Lucius Wordburger,” a pseudonym J. Gordon Holt would write under, on how to write an ad.

The magazine continues to do the work it set out it started over 55 years ago now with thousands of equipment reports going back over 40 years on its website that is updated daily with blog posts, music opinions, show reports, news and a digital version of its magazine as well as print.


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