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Stop the Drug Bug

Stop the Drug Bug Cause Button Museum
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Stop the Drug Bug button back Cause Button Museum
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CALL "DARE" 642-7411 the DRUG BUG STOP
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Illustration of a bug character in blue white and yellow next to a red and white stop sign on a yellow background with an outer blue edge with white text on it

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Hand written: N J. 1971

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This button is from the New Jersey agency for Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Enterprise (DARE) which was founded in 1967. DARE was established to help those struggling with drug addiction to live a drug free life with three stages; outreach, residence, and after care. DARE assisted those 16 years old and up with their mission to provide “a way out of the habit.”  

This program should not be confused with Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E) which started in 1983 as a youth education program in California, before eventually providing a curriculum and programs worldwide.

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