Supercharger Goes Way Out

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“Goes Way Out,” is the second album released by rock and roll band, Supercharger, in 1993.

Supercharger was a rock & roll band who rose to prominence in the 1990s. Founded in San Francisco in 1991, the band was comprised of band members Greg Lowery, who played bass and did vocals, Darin Raeffelli, who played guitar and did vocals, and Karen Singletary who played drums and did vocals. Influenced by bands like the Ramones and the Angry Samoans, Supercharger deconstructed songs until only the essentials of beat and hooks remained. They recorded their debut album under their own label, Radio X in 1991, whose limited vinyl pressing of 500 created a collector’s item. The album would later be reissued with Estrus Records in 1997 with two bonus tracks. After releasing a few singles, the band would release their second album, “Goes Way Out,” in 1993 under the Estrus label. The band would shortly break up after a 1993 tour of Europe with the Mummies with the band members going their separate ways.


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